Reflective Sunday Watercolour Paul Fairweather 2020

Years ago, friends of mine had a very successful cafe in West End. One of the owners told me that Sunday was their best trading day, but it was a nightmare. Customers were fighting for tables, hungover or still drunk, abusing the staff and complaining about every little thing.

So they made the tough decision to not open on a Sunday.

There was a massive outcry from the customers, but within a month they were back to their same trading figures, and in the end, everyone was happier.

In a similar vein, the most successful chicken sandwich shop in the USA, Chick-fil-a, founded in 1964, adopted a no-trading on Sunday policy.

In keeping with the founder, Truett Cathys’ Christian faith, they don’t open on a Sunday. Whist based on religious principles, it appears to be a good business strategy, allowing staff to recharge and creating a sense of scarcity for their customers.

About two months ago, around the time I started this newsletter, I decided to do things a little differently on Sundays. I was keen to see if we could retain an amount of calm relaxation we have experienced during the lockdown.

Traditionally Sunday has been a day of rest, both in a religious and secular sense, though some religions have Saturday as their Sabbath. In the past, I have scoffed at the more rigid rules and restrictions that some religions decree for the Sabbath, but with the recent shutdown, I get it!

Individually I have come to realise that I need to stop and recharge, not just during a twenty-four-hour cycle, but in a weekly period as well. I get the strong sense that there is a growing awareness that it would be a good thing to slow down more often and take a deep breath, let out a collective sigh, and relax.

So for the last couple of months, I have been unplugging on a Sunday, not driving the car, no TV, no social media and no shopping. I have encouraged the family to come along for the ride (or walk), and while it not always perfect, Sundays have a lot less technology, less stress and more lying around reading books, playing board and other games and for me, a self-reflective portrait.

So Sundays are for the time being a day of R&R&R&R.





and hopefully overtime,


When do you ring the bell to take time out?

How do you recharge?

Do you have a weekly routine that gives you time to do nothing?

Do you ever give yourself permission to just stop?


I’m here to help, whenever you’re ready!

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