How a little less noise in our lives can allow us space to make insightful inspirations

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Leaf it to the Turkeys Watercolour
Paul Fairweather 2020 ©

One day, on Facebook, I noted my neighbour having a bit of a rant about people who use leaf-blowers. I get on well with her and had to admit to her that while I rarely used it, I did in fact own one. Now if I am going to use it, I call out to see if she is home.


‘Oh, sorry. Just wanted to see if you were out. Wanted to use the leaf-blower’

Noise in our lives can be distracting, both literally and metaphorically. In a recent conversation with architect Troy Smyth, he gave me a very interesting insight into how distractions can lead to insights. Routinely during his working day, he would take a coffee break and sit on a wall, under some trees across from his office. This short time for reflection was often interrupted by a gardener cleaning the footpath with a leaf blower. A minor irritation, yet just another bit of noise in the constant din of his life.

One day, he was sitting there and, for various reasons, the volume on the background noise of his life had been muted, and for once he was not ruminating about endless problems. …


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